Join AngelJJ!

Hello everyone. Thank you for your interest in AngelJJ’s recruitment. Our recruitment is specially opened to all capable JJ’s fans from all over the world. We hope to get your contribution to this fansite to show JJ a better support. Please read the details below for the recruitment in order for you to join our team.

Requirement on volunteers:

– A JJ fan for sure.

– A responsible person.

– A NON YunJae shipper.

– Able to understand English or Chinese.

Please answer the 5 following questions:

1. Fill in your own personal data:




Fluent language(s):

Twitter account:

Weibo account (if have):

Email address:

How long can you spend on Internet per day?:

Do you have any experience working for a fansite before?:

2. Answer the general questions:

A. How long have you been a fan of JJ?

B. Are you an individual fan of JJ?

3. Choose the position(s) below:

A. Admin

– Must be able to spend time on searching for news and information of JJ and update them on twitter, facebook and wordpress as AngelJJ.

B. Translator

– To translate JJ’s related stuffs (ex: tweets, interviews, news, etc).

– Knows Korean/Japanese/Chinese/Spanish/etc.

– Must be able to communicate and post in English.

– Must have good ability in understanding the original sources and conveying them with correct meanings.

C. Designer

– Must be creative in art works and knowleged in using software to design banners, headers and goods of AngelJJ.

D. Photo/Video editors

– Knowledged in using software to edit photos or videos.

– To add subtitles into photos and videos of JJ.

E. Event/project planners

– Must be considerate to come out with suitable ideas to support JJ.

– To manage supporting events and to carry out fan projects.

F. Sourcer

– To provide primary source of information of JJ.

– To provide your own taken JJ’s photos or videos of concerts, events and etc.

G. Other (Please state what else you can do for AngelJJ.)

4. Why do you choose to be a part of AngelJJ team?

5. What are your last words for AngelJJ?


Please complete the questions and send them to ‘’. We will reply you as soon as we can. AngelJJ welcomes you all and we are looking forward to working with our new members.

Thank you.



One thought on “Join AngelJJ!

  1. I might apply but only if the admins are not ot5 fans or shippers. Please let us know where your site stands on these issues. Thank you.

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