[TWITTER] 130405 Jaejoong Twitter Updates


(TRANS) We’re still lying on an uncertain future. In this imperfect world… including the struggle through many things and a lot that had happened… over and over again, but I’m not afraid anymore! No matter what happened, no matter how much time will have passed… because I already found one thing that is unchanged, it is called “faith”..


(TRANS) Things that cannot be achieved alone… because I’m not alone and unafraid… regardless of where it is, only if I can hear everyone’s voices. To able to see everyone’s tears and smiles is enough… thank you, really, everyone


(TRANS) I’m sorry. My Japanese became messy because I’m so sleepy (T . T) Anyway… Thank you, everyone (T . T)

Credit: @bornfreeonekiss 

Translation: Japanese to Thai: @JaejahRanger; Thai to English: @Lookkaew_SK

Shared by: AngelJJ




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