[NEWS] 130403 JYJ′s Tokyo Dome Concerts are Compared to Michael Jackson′s Shows

The head of Kyodo Yokohama, the largest concert production agency in Japan that took over JYJ′s Tokyo Dome concerts, compared the group′s concerts to those of the late Michael Jackson′s, saying that “the dances are even more splendid and impressive” than the moves of the King of Pop.

President Okamoto said, “We were able to see why JYJ is JYJ. It′s the concert everyone has been waiting for. You can compare it to a concert by Michael Jackson, and the dances are even more splendid and impressive.”


He then added, “Since [JYJ] won its lawsuit [against Avex], they′re drawing more expectations toward their future promotions in Japan. I′m also looking forward to what kind of concert it will put on for its fans.”

A rep from C-JeS Entertainment, in charge of JYJ′s management, said, “All 150,000 seats for the three days of JYJ′s Tokyo Dome concert were sold out. Over 300,000 people had to compete for tickets. Though the group hadn′t been able to promote at all in Japan for three years since Avex cancelled its contract with the group in 2010, the members sharpened their skills not only as singers but also as actors during that time. They even succeeded in gaining a solid fanbase, successfully touring through Europe and South America as the first Korean singers to do so.”

The concert venue proved that the members′ efforts during their absence hadn′t gone unnoticed, as posters of Park Yoo Chun′s Rooftop Prince and Kim Jae Joong′s Dr. Jin and The Jackal is Coming were put up in nearby areas.

An official from the music entertainment section of Japan′s largest advertiser commented, “That all three of JYJ′s concerts sold out despite the fact that they′re taking place on weekdays proves that the group harnesses great power as an artist. JYJ is attractive as a musician group, but it also appeals to the heart.”

JYJ′s Tokyo Dome concerts started on April 2, and will end on April 4. The last day′s performances will be relayed live to 113 theaters scattered across the country.

(Photo credit: C-JeS Entertainment)

Credit: enewsworld

Shared by: AngelJJ



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