[INTERVIEW] 130201 JYJ Kim Jae Joong, It Takes Less Than A Day To Write A Song


[by Yang Ja Young / translated by Kang Jung yeon] Amamber of JYJ, Kim Jae joong recently released a solo album. He opened his mouth about episodes during making the album.

On January 22th, Kim Jae joong had an interview to promote his first mini album, I. He didn’t released Kim Jae joong released solo songs or album for 10 years of his career than he suddenly released a rock album which is not familiar. He even wrote the music and lyric.

When did you wrote all the songs and prepared album?
It doesn’t take much time for me to write a song. It’s not like I am writing a novel. I might take a while to imagine and come up with a story, but I don’t try to write things in fancy word do it doesn’t take too much.

How long did it take to write this album?
‘One Kiss’ was the song which took the most time. It took three days for me to write the song. It usually doesn’t take that much.

How long does it usually take to write a song?
Drama Protect the Boss OST, I\’ll protect you, and a drama Dr. Jin OST, Living Like a Dream, didn’t take much. About 15 to 20 min. It always takes less than a day. When it already has a story, it even takes less.

It sounds like all the songs are sad and dark.
Huh? Umm… IT talks about running towards you to tell you that I love you, so it’s not that sad.

The M/V was impressive.
I asked the movie director that I would like my music video goes along with the lyrics, and he brought me 6 or 7 concept next that day. I didn’t deny any and did it all. It was supposed to end at 8 a.m., but he kept on asking me to take one more concept, so it took a whole two days. However, I will still do the same if it turns out like this. It’s my favorite music video. May be it’s because there is only me in it.


Did your acting career helped on your M/V?
No not at all. If we record it like normal, It looks slow on the film, so when I was shooting, I had to move fast and take an action real quick.

What was the most lacking and the most satisfy?
I never thought that all the good senior singers would help me and direct me. The most satisfying part was that I got a lot of good help from nice people. The most lacking part is that If I had more songs I think I could of go on a world tour, but I can’t with this
(photo by C-Jes Entertainment)

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Credit:Yahoo! Philippines OMG!

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