[NEWS] 130128 Jaejoong successfully holds his first solo concert with 16,000 fans


JYJ‘s Jaejoong successfully held his first solo concert with 16,000 fans.

Jaejoong held his first concert, ‘Your, My, and Mine‘, in the form of a mini-concert and a fanmeeting on January 26th and 27th at the Ilsan Kintex.

The concert was separated into 3 parts. During the fanmeeting, he played rock-paper-scissors with his fans, and gave presents to those who won. He even acted out various roles per his fans requests. He cooked for his fans and personally fed some of his fans, and revealed some personal cell phone photos. Jaejoong paid close attention to any fan who had something to say to him, and sang without background music for his fans as well.

He also had a phone video camera chat with Junsu on the 26th and Yoochun on the 27th. The members were surprised by the sudden call, but revealed their everyday life and even revealed songs they’d been working on.

Jaejoong sang “Mine“, and other songs with his live band, as well as other famous songs from the past. He also sang “Only Love“, a song he composed but had not revealed. He said, “I was so happy to be with you guys for 2 days. I’m touched by all the love you gave us. I’ll hold this in my heart and always bring more, better songs. I’ll respond back with a warm heart. Thank you so much.

Jaejoong will be going on an Asia tour next, starting with Thailand in February.



Credit: allkpop

Shared by: AngelJJ


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