[TRANS] 130125 Photos Of Kim Jaejoong’s Rehearsal Are Revealed, ‘He Works Well With The Band’


Kim Jaejoong has released photos from his rehearsal ahead of his first solo concert.

On the 25th, Kim Jaejoong released photos on JYJ’s official Facebook page of his rehearsal with a band for his concert that will be held on the 26th. In the released photos, Kim Jaejoong can be seen rehearsing with a rock band consisting of drums, a bass guitar, a keyboard, an electric guitar, and an acoustic guitar.

His agency stated, “Kim Jaejoong is busy rehearsing for his live performance with a band. The upcoming concert, which has been receiving a positive response for being a mini concert that focuses on conversing and connecting with the fans, will feature a live band to go with Kim Jaejoong’s performances.”

They also said, “As his latest album centers around the rock genre, Kim Jaejoong decided to stand on stage for the third part of his concert with a live band, and is rehearing with them at this moment.”

Band members who participated in the project stated, “The rock band will be small and will focus on emphasizing his vocal talent. We focused a lot on the guitar sound of the band to emulate the traditional rock sound of Kim Jaejoong’s ‘MINE’ and ‘One Kiss’. We were surprised by Kim Jaejoong’s transformation into a rocker. Though this was our first rehearsal, he understands music very well and adapts quickly to change. His live skills are amazing, as expected from a singer who has held countless live concerts in Japan.”

Kim Jaejoong’s special performance ‘Your, My and Mine’ will be held at the Ilsan KINTEX on the 26th and 27th, and all 16,000 seats have been sold out. Kim Jaejoong will be singing tracks from his first mini album.

Source: [sbs]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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