[OTHER TWITTER] 130121 Jaejoong Fanclub’s Members Tweets About Jaejoong’s Birthday Party


[TRANS] Jaejoong-ie hyung’s early Birthday Party ~♥ Family group photo before the wall of pictures~~ Haha Seontae hyung, Seokcheon-ie hyung, Yihan-ie hyung, FACE, Jaejoong-ie hyung, me, Sanggon-ie hyung. Happy birthday to you Jjoong-ie hyung ♥. Thank you for being born oh oh ~~~^-^♥



[TRANS] keke I love ya’ll~♥


[TRANS] Happy Birthday Jaejungah!!! Family group photo against the photo wall~Suntae Seokchunie hyung Yihanie hyung Jaejungie Seunghyunie Sanggonie hyung


Credits: @LUsyndrome, @faceinmusic, @YiHan_Jin

Translations: @The_little_pear, @neonoenjena

Shared by: AngelJJ


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