[TUTORIAL] How to rate, like, and stream songs at Melon

Please ensure that you’re logged in.

Go to Kim Jaejoong – One Kiss page:http://www.melon.com/cds/album/web/albumdetailmain_list.htm?albumId=2171858&MAIN=MAIN_NA

Rate One Kiss with 5 stars! Click on the button below and select 5 stars. Click on the left button to submit your rating. Ensure that the 5 stars are highlighted~ ★★★★★Sorry, no screencap since I rated it before and I can only rate once. orz


Like the song by clicking the button below the rating button~


Stream by clicking the button below~


For first time streamers, you might need to install the melon stream plugin. Click on the green button to save the app. Install by clicking the downloaded file. A pop-up window will appear. Click the left button to install the plugin.


Credit: RubyPurple

Shared by:JYJ3+AngelJJ


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