[EDITORIAL] 130113 Star of The Week in Enewsworld – (Song Review) JYJ Kim Jae Joong′s ′One Kiss′ is Fit for the Grand Stage

Even before the heat has cooled from his successful acting feats in Protect the Boss and Time Slip Dr. Jin, JYJ′s Kim Jae Joong has returned to fan the flames with a new solo single.

And One Kiss, Kim Jae Joong′s first solo single, is definitely a grand start to his solo career.


Grand seems to be the key word as the song employs layers of swelling strings and strong percussion with a melody that climbs as high as the sky.

The catch, however, is actually in the voice. Songs with such majestic and grand sounds need a commanding voice that can take over, but Kim Jae Joong′s voice doesn′t seem to be leading the song.

Kim Jae Joong hits the high notes with no effort at all, but the low notes are drawn out a bit too much, making it sound like he′s struggling to pull the emotions out from deep inside, instead of letting them well up on their own.

The track may simply be a grand song for grand settings because it leaves just enough room to get fans to look forward to how it will sound at a concert, with its booming sounds and splendid effects.

So even if the song didn′t touch that soft spot in your heart, it may be too quick to judge, as Kim Jae Joong still has a chance to deliver and fill the cracks the song didn′t manage to fill alone live.

Credit: enewsworld

Shared by: AngelJJ


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