[PROJECT] Fund Raising For JaeJoong Concert Supporting Event – Rice Wreath

Dear fans, as our JaeJoong will start his solo activities soon, AngelJJ is here to announce that we would like to hold a rice wreath project to support his coming concerts on 26th and 27th of Jan. With that, we decide to do fund raising for this project in order for all JJ fans to participate in it.


Project Name: Rice Wreath Project

Weight of Rice: Depends on the funds we get

Donation dates: 10th till 21th Jan

Donation method: Send through Paypal at >> myangeljaejoong@gmail.com

Please send us your donation together with your information below:

1. Your personal email (for us to confirm with you when we receive your donation)

2. Country that you are from

After the donation is closed, a list of donors’ names will be updated by us at AngelJJ’s website.

Please note that the rice wreath will be donated under the name of AngelJJ – International Fansite of KJJ. There is no minimum amount for this donation, as long as you love JJ and wish to show him your support, you are always welcome to join us. This rice wreath project is the very first fan project of AngelJJ. We need your contribution to make it successful. Hence, let’s work hard together for JJ!

Thank you very much for your concern. ^_^



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