[INFO] About Hanteo and Gaon Charts

Hello everyone. As the pre-order of JaeJoong’s album, “Mine” will be started soon (on the 7th of Jan), AngelJJ would like to share some important information on purchasing the albums and digital singles with you guys.

Hanteo chart:

Hanteo chart is one of the biggest album-sale monitoring charts in Korea and it counts on real-time sales. The amount of albums sold through Hanteo’s retrailers (online or offline) is counted on the chart. The albums sales reflected on Hanteo chart is important in the results of Korean weekly music shows such as KBS Music Bank, SBS Inkigayo, MBC Music Core and one of the year end music awards, Golden Disk Awards. The list below shows the music shops or website that are linked to Hanteo.

1. Synnara >> http://www.synnara.co.kr/jump/fp/music/page.do?cmd=musicMain&menu=1

(For tutorial please visit: http://www.synnara.co.kr/jump/fp/ordercounsel/detailnotice.do?cmd=detailnotice // Synnara’s email: shopmaster@synnara.co.kr)

2. Lees Music >> http://www.leesmusic.co.kr/

(Lees Music only allows bulk purchase with the minimum amount of 50 copies of album via email order. Lees Music’s email: master@leemusic.co.kr)

3. Hottracks >> http://www.hottracks.co.kr/ht/record/category/000300

4. Apple Music >> http://www.applemusic.co.kr/

5. Cooki Music >> http://www.cookimusic.com/main/index.php?

6. YesAsia >> http://www.yesasia.com/us/en/korean-music.html

7. DVDHeaven >> http://www.dvdheaven.com/

8. Kpoptown >> http://www.kpoptown.com/45-home-music-cd-dvd

(T/N: Please make sure that you are buying albums from the websites that are approved by Hanteo. If you are unsure about it, please ask for their proofs such as receipts of album and etc.)

Gaon chart:

Gaon chart is the national record chart that is compiled by Korea Music Content Industry Association. There are two primary charts: Gaon Album chart and Gaon Single chart

Gaon Album chart ranks physical album sales, including mini albums and it is compiled from offline data provided by record labels and distributors, regardless where the albums shipped.

Gaon Single chart ranks the digital music sales and it is compiled from online data provided by web-based music providers such as:

1. Bugs >> http://www.bugs.co.kr/

2. Olleh Music >> http://www.ollehmusic.com/

3. Melon >> http://www.melon.com/static/cds/main/web/main_list.html

4. Mnet >> http://global.mnet.com/index.m

5. Soribada >> http://kpop.soribada.com/En/

(T/N: Please legally download and purchase the singles from the websites above. If you see people posting illegal links, please report them immediately. Thank you in advance ^_^)

Our singer KJJ is coming back soon. Let’s fully support him and make his solo debut a big success! Cheers~!! ^_^

Shared by: AngelJJ


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