[NEWS] 130102 JYJ Kim Jae Joong Goes Dark in First Mini Album Jacket Images

C-Jes Entertainment is giving fans a first look at Kim Jae Joong’s upcoming solo mini album.

The JYJ official Facebook revealed new image on December 2 for Kim Jae Joong’s upcoming first solo mini album.


One cut shows a close-up on Kim Jae Joong’s pale face which stands out against the black background. With his eyes closed and a light tint on his eyelids, elaborate extensions are seen glued to the singer’s eyelashes.



Also included were two cuts of black and white photos of what appears to be Kim Jae Joong′s stage outfits.

The description for those pictures read, “Jaejoong’s 1st solo mini album that focused on his life, music and you is coming soon!

Today album teaser image is released!! (FYI Music video teaser is coming up next week)
Literally, He is beautiful in that picture.. what you think?
Please give him a lot of support^^.”

Kim Jae Joong’s agency shared the singer not only wrote all the lyrics for all the songs on the upcoming album but the lyrics were personal, reflecting his life and music. The released teaser images also followed with this meaning and to show Kim Jae Joong as an artist and his dilemmas and happiness.

The agency also added that despite the title song being in the rock genre, instead of a cold or heavy metal sound, Kim Jae Joong had selected an avant-garde style while the singer looked to show his unique fashion as well through the new album.

The music video teaser will be unveiled sometime next week while the full album drops on January 17.

(Photo Credit: C-Jes Entertainment)

Credit: Enewsworld

Shared by: AngelJJ



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