[NEWS] 121226 JYJ′s Kim Jae Joong to Hold Birthday Concert After Album Release

JYJ′s Kim Jae Joong will be holding a special series of concerts to celebrate his birthday and the release of his first solo album.
A rep from Kim Jae Joong′s agency C-JeS Entertainment told enews on December 26, “We′ve confirmed the release date of Kim Jae Joong′s first solo album to be released on January 17. To celebrate the release of his album and his birthday, he will hold special concerts, which will be a mini concert and fanmeeting in one, on December 26 and 27.”
Kim Jae Joong is currently preparing a solo mini album in the rock genre. He wrote the lyrics for all of the tracks to be included in the album, and also composed for some. Specifics about the album are still under wraps, but the album has still been drawing international interest due to Kim Jae Joong′s unique vocals and visuals.
The rep added, “The concert will be held in a total of three parts, and join together a mini concert and fanmeeting. Fans will be able to hear him sing tracks from his first mini album and more. He will also talk with his Korean fans about his career in acting as well as how he′s been doing after wrapping up his four-country Asia fanmeeting tour in November.”
The title of the concert is set to be Your, My and Mine, and means that the singer will pour everything he has to say about his life into his performance to express his sincere thanks toward his fans on his birthday, January 26.
Kim Jae Joong said through his agency, “While writing the lyrics for all the tracks in my album, I wrote about what I′ve always wanted to say, my concerns and what makes me happy. I believe the concert will be a meaningful one in which I′ll be able to show my fans just that. Please look forward to it.”
Your, My and Mine will be held in Ilsan from January 26-27. Tickets will be made available from January 7 through Interpark.
Photo credit: C-JeS Entertainment
 Credit: enews world
Shared by: AngelJJ

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